We have been training and evaluating the vacuum resin infusion process. By evolving into the vacuum resin infusion process we will have a much lower lead time, which means we will not have a 5-6 month wait for you to get your new custom offshore fishing catamaran. We are very excited about this new environmentally friendly process. There are so many benefits of this new process.

The vacuum infusion process is one of many closed mold processes used in offshore fishing boats. It is the only process that uses only atmospheric pressure to push the resin into the mold. The vacuum infusion process offers us at AmeraCat all of the environmental advantages of a closed mold process, including reduced styrene emissions. It also provides an excellent glass-to-resin ratio with little to no voids in the hull of our offshore catamarans. This results in a strong composite laminate.

We are excited to give you a sneak peak into the future of AmeraCat. We are ready to continue to experiment with this process. We will keep you updated on how we are advancing with this new technique. As always, you can depositcash.co.uk
contact us for more information on any of our offshore fishing catamarans. We also are always here to help answer any questions you may have about our commercial catamarans.

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Please also check out the brand new 24′ SINGLE ENGINE catamaran prototype. We are in the process of testing and getting it ready for our customers. It is our most versatile catamaran we offer. It will be perfect for both the offshore fisherman as well as the river anglers. Click Here to watch videos of the 24′ single engine catamaran.