The Boat Building Process

AmeraCat has a different way of doing things! All of our boats are built with NO WOOD! Wood likes to rot and fills up with water, not to mention it is much heavier then the high density foam and solid core construction.

The boat building process goes like this:

  1. Spray and Gel Coat in the mold.
  2. Put 1 1/2 oz skin coat Fiberglass.
  3. Hand laid stitch mat fiberglass laminate.
  4. installation of bulk heads.
  5. installation of deck.
  6. Gunnel Foam.
  7. Built out interior (custom boxes, live well, etc).
  8. Final fiberglass lamination.
  9. Prep and gel coat interior.
  10. Remove from the mold and place on trailer.
  11. Trim Flange and install console.
  12. Inastall center console.
  13. Rigging.
  14. Sea Trial.
  15. Deliver.

Our catamaran boat building process has proven to be a success. We have found a way to deliver a center console fishing catamaran like no other and we are positive that as soon as you step foot on an AmeraCat power cat you will instantly fall in love. Here are some pictures from start to finish of our 27′ Gen2 catamaran in production. To enlarge any picture just click the image.

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