Recreational Catamarans

Recreational Catamaran Boats

Center Console Fishing Catamarans

Here are some pictures of our different makes and models we have to choose from. Remember that all of our Power Catamarans are custom built to your specifications and are designed to be the best offshore fishing on the water! Our recreational catamaran boats are sure to satisfy you! With our unique design, we can build your catamaran boat just the way you want it.

Recreational Catamaran Boats

We have Center Console Fishing boats that range from 25′ – 39′. All of our catamaran boats are designed to take on the roughest seas and give you the softest ride! We have a unique hull that is built with NO WOOD! We use high density foam and hand laid construction. To view each boat and the spec’s for each catamaran, please follow the links below.

If you are ready to take one of our offshore catamaran fishing boats for a demo, please use the form below to reach one of the owners. We are always there to answer any of your questions, and assist you in making the best choice in boat. Or use our Build Your Boat page to design your custom catamaran and we will get back to you with a quote. Don’t forget we will accept your old boat towards the balance of your new one, it takes the hassle out of trying to sell it yourself. We look forward to building your custom catamaran soon.

Contact us today for your recreational catamaran boat needs.

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