AmeraCat 396

Single Engine 25′ AmeraCat

“Rides like a Cat handles like a Mono-Hull!”

We are excited to release the newest model in our lineup, the AmeraCat 396. With a length of 39’ 6” and an impressive 12’ beam this is our biggest boat date. After months of design and planning the AmeraCat 396 has finally arrived and in production! Perfect for any offshore fishing, the AmeraCat 396 is sure to meet your every need. With the ability to be powered by 3 engines, up to 400hp each, the 398 is not only fast, it’s efficient and our smoothest riding catamaran to date. It’s unique center sponson gives it a smooth ride on the roughest days. AmeraCat is proud to have engineered this unique 3 sponson hull and we have spent years of research and planning to bring you this innovative hull design. The 25′ Single Engine turns and leans into V turns incredibly! Not only are you able to get all the benefits of a catamaran such as a softer ride and more stability, you get it at almost the same fuel efficiency as a mono hull of similar size! Here are some pics of the new AmeraCat 396 and the specs:


  • Aprox. Dry Hull Weight- 2860 lbs
  • LOA- 25′ 5”
  • Beam- 8′ 6″
  • Max HP- 350hp
  • Fuel Gallons- 85 gallons
  • Hull Draft- 15′
  • STD Livewell Capacity: 45 Gal
  • STD Fishbox Capacity: 200 Quarts
  • Freeboard AFT:
  • Freeboard Bow:
  • Trailering Height: 



Check out these videos of the 25′ SINGLE ENGINE POWER CATAMARAN!